Shimmering Stardust… 40th blog post!!!

Hey lovelies! It’s November!!! Just another month to 2018!!!

I guess it’s a good reason to get things done without waiting for another year to swoosh by!

For a change, let’s stalk about beginning something new before the year ends! 💙

By getting things done, I mean to say that if there’s something you feel you wanted to accomplish this year; start that diet, take that hobby class, learn that recipe, or just cleanse your closet, there’s still time; do it!!! And I mean it, just begin…🙏

Also, this year I completed two years of blogging and this is my 40th post on my blog!!! Yayyyyy ☺✨

I really wanted to do something I haven’t ever done before and challenge myself to evolve with my passion of blogging into something better and, speaking of beginnings, I didn’t want to wait till “some other time, maybe next year now”, and I jumped into it with my photographer and friend Aminaz from LoveOverLenses; and I couldn’t be happier with her efforts; since, it is the first time for the both of us to do something like this!

We have shot a couple of videos along with my usual array of fashion photos and we intend to do this and create interesting and unique blog projects for the future too!!

So, with this post, I am delighted to share my first concept blog shoot and the video link to the same.

This is my First ever Blog+Video concept story. 

Watch the Trailer here; the final video has been shared below, read along to watch!

Although videos are so common these days, I must share, it is not easy making one and a lot of work goes into the smallest of shoots…

Coming to this project, I wanted to share my own take on the “Fairytale syndrome” all of us ladies have been hit with some time or other in our lives… however, I have always believed that I am no princess in need of saving, rather a Queen who finds her own way and lights up her own life illuminating the lives of others around her as well!!!

Hence, the name Shimmering Stardust, because, I believe we are all shining shimmering stars with our own unique light 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

My dress is a floor length Anarkali gown with stunning frozen blue and golden embroidery prints, something appropriate for a Desi Cinderella vibe or maybe even an Elsa angle? Let me know what do you think?👑


My gorgeous twin sister sent this gown for me from India💙

I paired the same with metallic pearl slides as my own Cinderella slippers!


And just as a Queen would, I accessorized with a heavy pearl statement necklace with the stunning elements of bling and diamante stones paired with gorgeous pearl droplets! 👸




For an additional statement, I wore a pearl ring to match on my finger and my classic golden dainty bracelet on my hand, on my other hand I carry an exquisite clutch by my dear friend and designer Garima of Garema Official… how royal is it?


The name of the clutch is Mughal Garden clutch and right from its name to the stunning work on it, the clutch justified my starry, celestial queening vibes and tied up the whole look together!

I especially loved the contrast the green stone in the middle of the clutch provides to my all blue and pearl look!





On the makeup front, I kept my hair in tight curls and, created brown smokey eyes to match my own eyes and bring out the elements of the dress and accessories, along with golden lips to match because, Queens who scatter their Stardust, are supposed to drip in gold now aren’t they? 😉






I had the most fun when we recreated the  losing my shoe scene – this was super quintessential to the whole Cinderella soirée !!!





Anyway, the point is to believe in your own magic and light to empower your self, a Queen needs no rescuing!!


This story and video was made to personify the emotion that we all carry a universe of stars inside of us and we all need to believe in our own power and strength to shine and make others shine along with us too!!✨⭐️✨








Watch Shimmering Stardust here:


I hope you like this project and if you do, please comment and share your thoughts!

May you all shine and lots of love and light to you !!!

Special thanks to my photographer LoveOverLenses✨

Hoping to strike a chord!

xoxoxo SHRUTI


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