Blushed Sunsets…

Creative people are inspired by just about anything that can ignite the artistic sensibilities in them and then, they create…

I am not a creative person but yes, I do have an artistic sensibility when it comes to fashion or food or interiors or jewelry ( anything pretty, you get the gist 😉)

I would be lying if I said that blogging hasn’t challenged my creative side … I am a novice in technology and its various aspects related to presentation and editing of your blog and I have had to learn and unlearn many things in this aspect of my life… it has been an amazing experience to absorb and apply new creative processes💖


I would also like to add that, I have an immense respect for people in the creative fields whether it’s Fashion, Arts, Films, Sculpting; it all translates to something tangible from something within you and that truly makes art something unique doesn’t it???


Speaking of inspiration, there are various happenings of daily life that inspire my blog posts and how I curate them… at times it is some colour I love( particularly black 🖤), at times it is a memory of an heirloom jewel💫 or at times it is a red door in a vintage set up market place🌺

For this post however, my inspiration as the title suggests, is a blushed, beautiful sunset of the fall season🍁💖🍁
The coral, blushed pink hue of my double anarkali kurta dress reminds me of the stunning fall sunsets we experience here in Canada…
I never thought a phenomenon of nature could inspire me like this but well, it did and I’m glad it did 💖


Also, since we are heading into our own Indian Hindu festivities of Diwali and related festivals, this look had to be an all in all Indian traditional outfit look⭐️


Coming to the outfit, I am wearing a blushed pink double anarkali dress; this is quite a multipurpose outfit, the kurta can be worn separately with a salwar or jeans or tights and, the dress inside can be worn as is for a casual fusion summer look or with another kurta for a mix matched Indian traditional look… you can literally have 3-4 different looks with this Indian co-ord set for different occasions and I personally love such clothes( who wouldn’t when you get 4 outfits for the price of one ☝️) yayyyyy!!!!


The kurta has intricate floral thread work which is oh so pretty and the dress has floral prints all over which is again super pretty🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

I love floral prints and I believe summer or fall or winter or spring, florals are here to stay!!!





I kept the look fairly simple and accessorized with a nude pink potli clutch and copper pink bangles on one hand and a gorgeous kundan kadha on my other hand and, for a pretty contrast, red pearl droplet earrings from Fab India. On my hair are my favorite baby pink roses and tight curls, giving me a very princess Aurora feeling 👸🏻




On the makeup front, I wanted this to be a light dewy, makeup look with very minimal accents of kohl on the eyes and coral hued lips to match. A very basic pink and golden eye shadow along with a pink glitter line on the crease helped it in keeping festive yet simple. I have never done a blog post with a nath ( Indian nose ring with hair attachment) before and, this delicate golden one did complete justice in lending the unique jewelry quotient to this traditional look making it festive yet not a very heavily adorned one.

I finished the look with simple golden platform heels and some twirling 🤗

IMG_3891 (1)

Let me know if any phenomena of nature has ever inspired you and drop in a comment to tell me what you think of this look!!!


Also, like I said earlier, something new and unique is about to lit up my blog soon!!!

So follow me on Instagram: and, stay updated!!!

Photos by my amazing LoveOverLenses🌺

xoxoxo SHRUTI



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