The Last Days of Summer…

The last days of summer 💐


This year, the Canadian summer has been very loopy; we have mostly seen it as a rainy summer instead of the gold old sunshine😁⛅️ and what with the bite in the air, in the early mornings and toward the evenings, fall season isn’t that far away …

As I gear to prepare for the fall season and pack away my summer wardrobe, one last post dedicated to the summers had to be posted… Because we are in denial!!! Summer you can’t be leaving us so soon🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼
The outfit inspiration for this post makes the title of my blog as well- the last days of summer☀
I decided to live my own fairy tale moments with this beautiful summer maxi dress in gorgeous pink and lavender floral patterns and ruffled sleeves💗💜💗
This dress screams summer!!!
It’s a lovely dress hugging my curves in the right places, in fact, since I have already begun the process of shedding my baby weight, it was slightly loose!
001 (5)
I love the tall silhouettes provided by maxi dresses and this one does exactly that.
AF1QipNSauLHyXNZPQgiM_bNuNf7y2hhphlL__S4U-Br=I-U (1)
I loved styling the dress with all pearl shoulder dusters and a timeless pearl necklace💖
001 (8)
In my hands are two pink stoned knuckle dusters and a gorgeous pearl diamante bracelet which I absolutely love!
The accessories add the queenly touch to the summer dress and take the look up many notches ✨
001 (6)
001 (1)
Since I was already in queening mode (😋) I had to do up glittery diamond eyes with a dainty pink crease  and I added a metallic jewel tone pink on the lips to match.
001 (4)
I left my hair loose and wore them naturally, I didn’t style them much since I don’t like to subject my hair to heat. They are my actual crown and I wear them with pride and love💗
001 (10)
Simple nude heels finished off the look and I strutted my stuff happily living my own red carpet dreams 👸
Outfit details:💗
Floral dress: Torrid fashion🌼
Nude golden heels: Torrid fashion
Earrings: Aldo Accessories ✨
Rings& Bracelet: gifted ✨
Photos by the awesome LOVEOVERLENSES💞
xoxoxo SHRUTI

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