SHLOG 8: I Dream in Jewelry…

“Jewels are more than my love and my life; they are an insatiable obsession”, Harry Winston.

Well Harry Winston couldn’t have worded my absolute craze for jewelry any better!

I believe that every piece of jewelry tells a story and many times, jewelry is what helps in making a bold statement with the backdrop of a simple outfit.

Jewels are not just accessories, for me, they are as important as the clothes, to narrate a complete Style and Fashion Story.

I swear by the words “jewelry first, outfit second”, and plan a lot of my outfits to match my jewels!

My latest fashion look validates all of my aforementioned thoughts:


A simple black handkerchief tunic paired with black leggings to match; formed my Indian-fusion outfit- an outfit which matches the sensibilities of being both Western and Indian, with a traditional twist!


However, the simplicity of Black is teamed up with the boldness of the golden, multi colored jewels which are heirloom jewels and were given to me by my mother as part of my wedding trousseau.


These jewels mean a lot to me, firstly because they come from my mother and secondly, because  each piece is so versatile that they can be worn separately or matched up together just like I have done here.


The multicolored stones compliment not only black outfits but also green, golds, reds and pinks and magentas! I am so in love!


Chokers have been raging since last year but the heavy golden, ruby and emerald choker with pretty pearl droplets that I am wearing here, is my favorite choker neck piece.

The long necklace with the big pendant which has green beads along with multi-colored stones is called a “Navratan ka haar” ; meaning a necklace with nine precious stones; if you look closely you will see what I am talking about 🙂


The earrings are paired with the long beaded navratan ka haar and are big stoned studs.


On the makeup front, my eyes were inspired by the jewel tones of my gems which I translated into  a golden green smokey eyed look with the classic red lips to match.




A golden cocktail ring with intricate lace work and simple dainty golden bracelet, which, again, has been given by my mother, made sure the hands are not bare.



Finally, a cute little golden clutch and simple black pointed tie-ups tied up the whole look together (pun intended!).



Truly, jewelry can be the most transformative thing a woman can wear, it is the best way to express the woman you are, without saying a word!



Outfit details:

Handkerchief tunic: Torrid,Canada

Black slacks: H&M, Canada

Tie-up shoes: Aldo Shoes, Canada

Jewelry: Heirloom

Golden clutch bag: Bought locally from Singapore

Photos by the lovely : Love Over Lenses

Hoping to strike a chord!

xoxoxo SHRUTI


4 Comments Add yours

  1. violetzi says:

    Your jewelry looks fabulous! You look fabulous! And since jewelry is your passion, I’d like to know… I’m sure you prefer the real deal but what is your opinion on fake stuff but also looks good? Do you think fake jewelry can mean as much as the real stuff to you personally?


    1. shrutitewari says:

      Hey there! Thank you so very much for the lovely words 🙂 and apologies for the late reply, I was MIA last couple of days due to shifting into my new home!
      To answer your query, yes, fake jewelry can also look very good and mean a lot to someone- if it has been gifted, it will hold a special place, if you style it beautifully for some special occasion , it will mean a lot , also, being fake doesn’t mean the jewelry is not beautiful- for example, statement jewels made out of swarovski and real silver and also gold plated jewels are quite expensive… My personal opinion is, jewels should be thoughtful- they should express the personal style of a person- I am myself extremely fond of jewelry that is unique- not very common and preferably if not real gold or diamonds, at least gold plated or silver 🙂
      You can follow me on Instagram: Strikeachordblog to stay updated or Directly message me there as well! Cheers! xoxoxo Shruti


  2. Joanne says:

    The jewelry is very pretty. I love the bright colors that really pop with the black clothing.


    1. shrutitewari says:

      Thank you Joanne for the lovely words 🙂 apologies for getting back to you so late, I have been extremely busy with moving into my new home!
      I agree with you! I wanted the jewels to stand out in this fashion post and hence, went for all black clothes- my another favorite 😉
      Cheers! xoxoxo Shruti


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