SHLOG 7: Dark but Rosy

Spring has sprung in Toronto, Canada but the weather has more of a semblance to fall rather than summer what with the chilly winds making the days colder still!!

However, since it is officially the spring season, it is time to let out the Florals!!!

Florals are here to stay and how!! This is one trend which screams femininity, elegance and all things woman!!! Personally, for me, floral is a forever in my wardrobe whether it is dresses, scarves, saris or tops or even iPhone covers and jewelry!!!

Lately, floral embroidery has been ruling the roost and is going to be big summer stunner!! Embroidered bombers, jeans and sneakers and mules are the fashion forecast this summer!

More on that in a different post, today I will share how I styled this simple yet gorgeous floral- printed dress with this amazing cape jacket – another trend that has been ablaze this season!

Here are the pictures:



Tie up caged booties are another fashion staple for me, for colder weather pair them with stockings like I have done here or wear them as is during the summers and flaunt your pedicured toes!!

The floral rosy prints amidst the black backdrop of this dress inspired the caption of this blog post- Dark but Rosy- it sounds so deep, I love how my caption sums up not only my look but also all the feelings the whole outfit story here is trying to convey!


The cape is the perfect coat for weather like this- not too cold but still chilly- and provides the desired warmth with ample style thrown in- I love it!


On the makeup and jewelry front, I wanted the florals to stand out, so makeup was a minimal brown smokey eyes with heavily kohled rims and I wore these floral ruby diamond, diamante danglers to compliment the dress.



As a lot of you who have read my previous posts know, I love love love love and LOVE wearing flowers in my hair- I am crazy for flowers !!! Yep, that’s me a total flower child maybe I was Thumbelina in my previous life, grow up in flower homes and stuff ;P

Lol, getting back to this life, since the colours in this dress were so beautiful- deep hues of magenta teeming to blood-red, I had to wear the dark red roses headband along with this!

For a change, I also wanted my hair to be as they naturally are- wavy, messy and big, not blow dried or styled, I guess, I just wanted the look to shout out “big hair day” 😉





Finally, the whole look couldn’t be complete without the quintessential and classic red lips because, well aren’t the lips of every woman compared to those of the gorgeous rose petals…




I loved putting up this look together and how every element complimented the rosy vibes I was trying to put across! I truly felt as beautiful as a blooming rose myself :))

Outfit Details:

Floral dress and booties: Torrid, Canada

Cape Jacket: Uniqlo, Canada

Black Stockings: H&M, Canada

Floral headband: Forever21, Canada

Jewelry: My own heirloom jewels

Makeup: by myself

Photography: Loveoverlenses ❤

What do you think? What is your favorite flower and why?

Comment here and let me know!

Hoping to strike a chord and a bunch of roses to all you lovelies!

xoxoxo SHRUTI




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