SHLOG6: How to BOOK A PHOTOGRAPHER the same way you book you an Uber?

It has been rightly said that a good photograph keeps a moment from running away. Photography is the art of capturing the most valuable moments of our life and immortalizing them.

In today’s day and age of social media buzz and hype, we all want the perfect photography solutions for our precious moments, events and parties and very importantly, businesses.

Outstanding photography makes for outstanding visuals which makes one stand out and convey their own unique stories.

How many of us have faced photographers who have given us substandard images, charged exorbitantly, made photography an uncomfortable experience or worse still, disappeared with our deposits? In another context, how many of us feel it’s extremely draining to connect with, or even find a photographer who meets our requirements of business, budget and quality?

Being a blogger who faced all these issues, I am happy to share that, to make the task of hiring a photographer more informative, easy and reliable, Galaxy Photoz Inc is launching their app this June which will provide a platform that never existed before and, connect you to the photographer of your choice, as per your requirements within minutes- same day services are also available, how very exciting is that!!!

You can find the app and all the relevant information right here:

A few fun facts about this super useful new app are:

  1. The founder is Leanne Ferguson, and she is under 30 years old- young women entrepreneurs are ruling the roost!
  2. The kick-starter campaign is live from today April 17th, 2017:  Support this project on Indiegogo today ( ) and get some really cool perks while they last!
  3. Instantly matches you with a vetted photographer ; photographers come to you and guide you with their expertise.
  4. Many reputed and experienced photographers are on board already.
  5. Nine types of photography is available to meet all kinds of photography requirements and genres –  Maternity, Newborn , Cake Smash, Headshots, Engagement, Wedding, Events, Model portfolio and Portraits.
  6. Galaxy Photos offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you get a re-shoot done for non-events as against a refund! This is such a unique after sales service to make the clients feel secure.
  7. There is an affiliate program that pays $5 per shoot.

Have a look here at some of the amazing photography services you can avail in the future:






newborn baby and roses




Engagement and Wedding


Model Portfolios


LinkedIn Head shots; and many more!!!

By being the middleman here, Galaxy Photos will ensure:

  • A risk free zone for clients looking to hire a photographer: no more searching online or on google, reading reviews from dozens of different websites and checking quotes and availability
  • Only the best photographers get access to the platform, thereby separating expertise from mediocrity
  • Your deposit will be held by Galaxy Photoz until you receive your images and are satisfied by them.
  • Last minute hirings and same day services- now that is very rare and solves a lot of problems!

So, what are you waiting for, join this amazing campaign, extend your support, download the app and enjoy photography services tailored to your needs! Just choose when, where and how much you can pay and sit back and relax- or rather pose away !!!!

Wishing that this information will help all the budding bloggers and provide exposure and expertise to photographers out there!

Hoping to strike a chord!

xoxoxoxo Shruti


This post is to support the campaign as a professional blogger and in collaboration with Galaxy Photoz.



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