SHLOG5: Addicted to black!!!

Spring is finally here and temperatures are above Zero degrees!!! Yayyy!!! But if you are like me, who feels really cold- because the winds in Toronto are still quite chilly- it is a given that light coats and boots aren’t going away till May!
So before I post a series of full on spring and summer looks, wanted to post a recent look which I styled, which is ideal for the “not so cold and, not yet summer” temperatures that Toronto has been witnessing!
If you have seen my previous Shlogs and posts, you already know I am ADDICTED TO BLACK! Well, because, wearing black makes any human look 400% better! Haha😉
Also, I believe Black is so versatile it’s effortless and oh so poetic! I think in my colour personality, Black tops with Goldens, Nudes, Reds and Pinks to follow!
So here goes my Black on black on black look!
I styled a light long black duster coat- perfect for this weather, with my calf -length black dress- it is such a relief to not layer clothes anymore!- just the coat over the dress, no stockings, no cardigans!!!
I feel really cold in my ears, so I can’t do without covering them even in this weather!!!
I absolutely love this light pom-pom head cover it is so darn cute!!!
To complete the look, I wore fall boots and styled my look with this Gucci inspired envelope clutch by Aldo Accessories and big hoop earrings and a chunky golden statement neck piece- very chic and very manageable at the same time!!!
On the makeup front, I did a grey eye shadow with Arabic liner ( winged eyes) and red lips. My makeup was inspired by the envelope clutch I am donning here ( yes I match my makeup with my accessories 😉 ) the snakeskin pattern, the silver hues , the red patched up lips  and lipstick, the  golden star which inspired my neck-piece all the embroidery, it all became the foundation for my makeup and jewelry styling.
Dress and Boots: Torrid, Canada
Coat: Zara, Canada
Earrings: Forever 21
Clutch, Cap and Neck-piece : Aldo Accessories, Canada
Photos by the amazing : Loveoverlenses
Hoping to strike a chord!
xoxoxoxo Shruti
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Also, stay tuned for more updates on my upcoming spring and summer looks via my Instagram stories!!!

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