SHLOG4: Lush cosmetics Haul&Review🌻

Hey all you lovely people ! It sure looks like Spring now! Even though it’s still cold here in Canada, Spring vibes are definitely setting in!
The weather is less harsher, days are longer and sun is shining more than ever 😍
Today I am sharing with you all my latest haul from Lush Cosmetics Canada.
This is the first time I have ever tried their products and this is not a sponsored review.
So I was just strolling in Toronto Eaton Center the other day – with no intention of anything but window shopping, ( who am I kidding😂) when, I couldn’t help myself and walked in the store… I have strolled past this shop so many times and this time around, I let the amazing smell of all the bath and beauty products lure me inside ( I just wanted to have a look😋)
Anyhow, once I got inside, I came out with all these awesome smelling goodies🙊
So a little about this company:
✔️All products are vegetarian and handmade
✔️There is no animal testing
✔️The packaging is Naked packaging and Recyclable containers ( amazing concept)
✔️All products are handmade
✔️All products are ethically sourced
Now about the products:
I was looking for a shampoo+conditioner duo for oily scalp&dry tips and I was recommended the Rehab shampoo and the Retread conditioner – this conditioner is their richest one and I can say I quite like it.
The shampoo has a soothing and relaxing effect on my scalp much like the anti-dandruff shampoos have, it smells nice and lathers well and is a great cleanser but you need to do a double shampoo if you have oiled your hair, one wash won’t help with this shampoo!
Rating : 
Shampoo ***
Price: CAD26.95, 250ml
Conditioner: ****
Price: CAD31.95
Next is my favourite buy and I bought these right off the payment counter – the heart-shaped bath bombs!
So damn cute and such an amazing smell and color I am yet to use these but these can be broken and used in parts too for a couple of baths!
Price: CAD5 each
The next purchase was this awesome soap cum lotion cum scrub – Buffy – need I say more? It is like applying a scrub cum lotion in the shower and stepping out of the shower feeling completely smooooooth! It’s absolutely amazing and best for lazy girls like me who want to skip applying full body lotion!!!
Rating: ****
Price: CAD12.95
Next was the Massage bar- From dusk till dawn- again for lazy people like me, just hold it and give yourself an amazing rub- amazing to de-stress in the middle of work- I am using it as I write this blog!
Rating: ***1/2
Price: CAD8.95
Next are the self preserving products
~Ocean salt body scrub- this is so so so nice- smells like the ocean and scrubs and moisturizes at one go! Loved this one!
Rating: ****
Price: CAD21.95
~Dream Cream – this is one of the products whose smell I don’t like too much but it’s very moisturizing so plus points!
Rating : ***
Price: CAD29.95
The next product is the Happy Hippy Shower Gel, it smells of grapefruit and lathers well, nothing too great can be given a miss.
Rating : **1/2
Price: CAD10.95
Finally the cuticle butter – Lemony flutter,it’s super smelling and super ummmm buttery!!
Rating: *** 
Price: CAD19.95
The staff was super helpful and very friendly, and very cheerful too! I spent a lot of time in the store exploring the products and they helped me decide very well.
They also gave me two sample size boxes of their R&B hair moisturizer which smells lovely and fells great too, and their Love and Light Hand cream- again I loved this so much – my next purchases for sure !
A word of advice:
All the products have a low shelf life because they are fresh made and have an expiry mentioned at the back- be sure to buy the quantities as per your use! I had to throw away the sea vegetable soap because I was late in using it😢
Over all, I quite like the concept and the products but I am not very sure if all the products are paraben free and sans sulphur… Besides that, must give a try, and I would definitely like to try out some more products from here! Their new Easter collection is already up !
Hope this review was helpful !
You can find them here:
Hoping to strike a chord

6 Comments Add yours

  1. I’ve heard many good things about Lush cosmetics but I’ve never tried them 🙈. After reading this I want to get my hands on the adorable heart-shaped bath bombs, the ocean salt scrub and the lemon 🍋 cuticle butter! Lol. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


    1. shrutitewari says:

      Wow I am so glad to hear this 🙂 Thank you so much! You must try and share with me how you liked them!


  2. I’m absolutely IN LOVE with Lush! i tried their shower jelly frozen…it’s amazing in the AZ summer heat!


    1. shrutitewari says:

      Wow I am happy to hear that 🙂 Thank you so much!! I will also try their shower jelly now!


  3. desiree says:

    I absolutely love lush products the little heart bath booms are so cute


    1. shrutitewari says:

      Wow yes are they not super cute! Their new Easter collection is also very cute!


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