Shlog Number 15: Empowering Motherhood Series💗

With less than a month for my son’s first birthday, I just wanted to share a few words…
Motherhood is not constrained to, or defined by the way you give birth… Motherhood is the blessing of having assisted God in creating a miracle and giving birth to a life🌸
Sadly, we are now entering into the year 2017 yet, mothers are still judged world over by the way they have given birth.

It is such a disservice to motherhood to feel that any one form of giving birth is more idyllic than the other. Irony being that women judge other women more brutally than even men do😐
Making generalizations about how a mother gives birth and passing judgments is such a shame.

All mothers make choices that put their baby’s health and safety first. All mothers face agony and pain, some face it during birth and some after, and there is not a single mother who hasn’t felt physical pain, emotional stress and various new postpartum realities after giving birth to her baby.

Even in this day and age, vaginal birth is still touted as the best and only way to bring a new life into the world, and a C-section is treated with disdain and disapproval.
Many c-section mothers are told that they took the “easy way out” , what many people forget is c-section births are as painful as a natural birth, if not during, then after.

Many c-sec mothers don’t even get the time to prepare themselves mentally, as is the case in an emergency c-sec.
I myself had an emergency c- section. After my labor pains started and my baby went into distress and every contraction was literally stopping his heart, I was told I needed to get an emergency c-sec. It was not easy by any means… It was scary and nerve wrecking to say the least, and it was followed by a recovery which was definitely very painful and exhausting – yet for my beautiful little baby boy, I can go through the same pain again and again.

A c-sec is a major abdominal surgery which is quite painful for any mother to recover from( we use our abdominal muscles for the simplest things like sitting on our toilets and even this part becomes a mountainous task for all recuperating mothers)
The toughest part is that c-sec mothers need to start catering to their child immediately after the surgery, with all the pain, swelling, exhaustion and stitches and there is no way around this.

Not to mention the fact that C-section brings with it more post surgery complications than a vaginal birth- Infection in the incision, bladder or other internal organ injury, and heavy blood loss are just a few of the many things that could go wrong in a C-section.
At least 6 weeks are required for a c-sec Momy to heal completely. Even so, c-section mothers wear their scars proudly.

All women who give birth are strong and brave and fearless.
They all go through major mental and physical transformations and pains to give life to their tiny little stars⭐️
Giving birth is a matter of circumstances, health, personal choice and what is safe for the baby and mother both. It is a combination of various factors and what should matter is that both mother and child should be healthy, safe and happy💗

Childbirth is not a cake walk and women should support fellow mothers and mothers to be- not demean and judge each other based on a normal delivery or a c-sec birth.
Motherhood is challenging as it is…  let’s quit judgments and spread more awareness and love🙏🏻💖 #lessjudgmentsmorelove #strikeachordblog


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