Blend the Trends💖⚫️💖

imageWinters have hit Toronto and how❄️ ❄️
Before I start posting a series of winter fashion looks, I wanted to create one last seasonal look of the season.

This post will be my last post of the fall season in which I have created one traditional look with hues of several trends blended into one 🍁

The print mania has been creating quite a stir these past few fashion seasons💱💱💱

While print on prints have been akin to treading on eggshells in terms of nailing the look perfectly, prints with a combination of other trends such as denim, leather, lace have been safer and have encouraged people to experiment with prints on their ensembles or even accessories like shoes and bags😍😍

Another trend that enveloped the fashion scene strongly this year (and how) is the 90’s choker – it is back and it looks better than ever ✔️

With this trend becoming a rage and seasonal variations coming in- be it in velvet, metal, rhinestones or different leather qualities, chokers are being sported right from celebs at events, off-duty models and of course, all of us who like to perk up our looks, Indian or Western😎

Being a 90’s kid myself, I was inspired to lend my Indian outfit a 90’s boho vibe and this led me to accessorize the look with a choker⚫️


This look is a fusion of the Print+ Patchwork combination and the raging choker trends of the fashion seasons this year.

The beige colored kurta has a beautiful vintage African tribal print in black all over the body💱💱💱💱💱💱💱💱💱💱
The patchwork embroidery on the neck and the border of the kurta in teal blue, leaf green, bright orange and rani pink colours provides the necessary contrast and brightness to the kurta.


I have picked Rani Pink as the colour to match my accessories and dupatta with. Any colour from the patchwork pattern could have provided a good base for accessorizing and makeup for this look, but alas me and my weakness for pink💖

To raise the accessories quotient up by a notch, I channelled a double dupatta look. The classic black dupatta was quintessential, however, a beautiful rani pink dupatta provides an element of uniqueness to the look since double dupattas are seen mostly with lehengas and not shalwar suits 😎


Apart from the choker being the highlight of the accessories quotient, I added dainty black droplet earrings, a golden cuff, a black knuckle duster and a jewel toned rani pink clutch to seal the look- the jewel tones of the clutch lends it a big personality and makes it a stand out accessory💖
Finished the attire with classic black strappy wedges 💐

I loved creating this look as it was an amalgamation of several trends incorporated to create one ethnic outcome.


How do you mix and match current and /or past trends? What are your best fashion blended looks? Do comment and share!

Photo credits: LoveOverLenses ❤️

Hoping to strike a chord❤️ Xoxoxo Shruti


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