Shlog #3: Healthy is the new skinny- Inspiration✨

I have started my journey of shedding all my baby weight and I couldn’t have come across this post on Instagram by Katie Wilcox of the “Healthy is the new skinny” fame, at a better time!
 It is as if she has voiced my thoughts! Word to word💯

Today, I will just reiterate what she has said☺

On the left, is my photo when I was 3 months pregnant and actively hitting the gym. I was always struggling with my weight( I have never been a thin/ skinny person ) and I felt under pressure constantly to stay as fit as I could, since, I conceived at a time when I was wanting to lose weight and getting pregnant meant I would be gaining weight, and a lot of it, no matter what… I took this picture and thought I’m so huge! On the contrary, now I think I looked great then!
As of today, you can see the difference with the picture on the right. And I believe I look equally awesome even now😎
I have gained close to 40 pounds as much due to the pregnancy as also due to the lactation pills I had to take to breastfeed my son and I now understand that the weight doesn’t “weigh” me down much since, it was a part of a much-needed natural process of giving birth to and, breastfeeding my son and I wouldn’t trade anything for it.
In my case, the reason for my disappointment and stress was that, I was active throughout my pregnancy and ate healthy, till the very last day, and despite it all, I gained a lot of weight after delivering my baby due to lactation medicines.
However, despite so many efforts to control my weight, when it came to breastfeeding my son, and the lactation medicines were the best option for me, I had to do what was best for my baby, choose the consequences it would have on my body and deal with it. Not be depressed or stressed by it.
I will also paraphrase what Katie has said in her post: “even when you have healthy views of yourself and your body, old thoughts can still effect you, without you knowing it”, and this made me realize I too, had body dysmorphia.
I have always been hard on myself with regards to my weight, feeling “I could have been thinner”, whereas, as women, our bodies go through such extensive changes throughout our lives, starting from puberty, to motherhood, to menopause, we have to inculcate a deep sense of self love to survive it all.
This has given me a lot of encouragement to stay positive on the journey of shedding all the pregnancy weight and understanding, that this too will take time and my love for my body will not change, no matter how many changes it goes through in the coming year.
“I looked healthy and beautiful then and I look healthy and beautiful now”❤
Lots of love to all the mothers and mothers to be! Love yourself, do what is best for your baby and yourself and stay happy and healthy!
Hoping to strike a chord, Shruti😍😇

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