Shlog #2: Movie Marathons and Meal Miracles!

Shlog #2 :

The weather in Toronto has been extremely pleasant, cloudy, tilting toward the romantic cuddly lovey dovey kinda feels and both hubby and me have brought the term “chilling” to life😆 we have just been doing movie marathons over this long weekend and indulging in some yummy but healthy Indian foods which are especially enjoyed in the monsoons🍴💦

Seen here is one of my favourite breakfast options- मूँग की दाल का चीला  with धनिया पुदीने की चटनी 💛💚💛(Moong ki daal ka chilla- savoury crepes made out of yellow Moong lentils which are ground into a batter and topped up with coriander, ginger and Indian spices and eaten with a cilantro, mint and lemon paste)😍

I love eating it as much as I love cooking it ✌


Also, it is a healthy option since it is made in zero oil and has a lot of fibre👍


P.S. See that tiny ❤️ on the right side, it just popped up on my chilla on it’s own☺️ cooking with love for love by love!

Hoping to Strike a chord!

Love always, Shruti


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