Wedding Twinning

I am the “elder” one of us twin sisters by a meager 44 seconds ☺

This blog post is to introduce our twin journey to the world and what could have been a more beautiful and ethereal moment than to showcase our “twinning” moments through some of our marriage photos…I got married in February 2015 and Smruti got married this year in April ❤
We got married almost a year apart and the idea to share our bridal photos in which we are looking just like each other (like we quite literally almost always do since we are twins) struck me a few days back, when Smruti’s wedding pictures arrived…I did not plan on curating this blog till then!
As I attended her marriage this year, I could not help but relive a lot of my own marriage moments… It was like déjà vu and I was transported into lovely moments from my own marriage… When I saw her as a bride I was speechless and that kind of explained why guests and foreigners from other countries in the hotel, were clicking her pictures and raving and going in a frenzy because she looked so gorgeous and frankly, no picture can do justice to how pretty she looked that day💗
It was quite heart melting to also hear people say how Smruti was reminding them of me from a year ago on my marriage day😍
There were a lot of similarities in how we chose our bridal looks too… Both of us wanted simplicity and grace… We wanted to epitomize elegance and not opulence and not be over the top in any way… Again this was purely our choice and opinion… No loud makeup, no colored contacts, classic traditional outfit choices, heirloom real family jewelry (no fake baubles on the wedding day please) and the quintessential pahadi naths and traditional bridal pahadi dupattas called पिछौडा (pichhoda)…
And today on our birthday, I dedicate this blog post to my soul mate and my beautiful twin sister Smruti❤😘❤
I’m sharing a few photos of various marriage moments in which we both look extremely identical … It was a kind of understood thought that we might end up looking quite alike on our marriage days (and no we didn’t think of getting married to twin guys on the same day wearing same clothes please 😂)  because, our sense of style and choices are exactly similar. Though we differ in certain fashion aspects, largely we share the same sense of style and this is a post in which we depict just that😍 Hoping to strike a chord… Please comment here about what you think of this! And in case you are able to tell us apart 😉
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