Happy Father’s Day!A Tribute in collaboration with ShaadiMagic.com

A tribute to the most handsome grooms: Our Fathers  in association with ShaadiMagic.com ❤

Why should weddings always be about the brides?

Grooms make 50%of it after all 😆
As a tribute to my daddy on the occasion of Fathers day, I would like to share a few photos of how he looked on his wedding day.
He wore a white bandh gala suit with a red shawl.
Since my father is a Kumaoni Brahmin, his sehra was the typical pahadi sehra which kumaoni grooms wear with a mukut on their weddings.
He then changed into a simple grey kurta pyjama for the pheras.
But the best thing he wore as a groom? His simple innocent smile 😊
Here are a few pictures 😍
It will be a fun exercise to know what your daddies looked like on their wedding day!
Please share and comment by entering this contest:
Father’s Day Contest In Collaboration with Shaadimagic.Com :
The Instructions are very simple and this is super fun too!
1.  Follow Shaadimagic and Strikeachordblog on Instagram and Facebook , follow the websites http://www.shaadimagic.com and http://www.strikeachordblog.wordpress.com
2. Post a picture of your father in his wedding attire and use hashtag  #Shaadimagic and #strikeachord
3. Tag Shaadimagic and Strikeachordblog on Instagram and Facebook
4 One picture/day will be featured on the Instagram and Facebook page till Father’s Day on 19th June 2016, Sunday.
 Hoping to strike a chord 🙂

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