My Wedding Story

I have always been a firm believer in the belief that someone has been made for everyone and that matches are made in heaven ✨
I am also a devout believer in the power of Love and that, the more love you give, you will get it back manifolds over… ❤🌟❤
I however surprised myself when I agreed to meet up with my husband through my parents! I never thought I will have an arranged marriage! 🙊
And to add to the coincidence, my mother in law and my mother were friends since they were both 3 years old! My father in law and both my parents were in the same bureaucratic government service yet, me and husband had never met…
When we met for the first time, here was this good-looking guy who was chocolaty, cute, cheery and humorous (with brown eyes oh my god! ) and shared the same passion for food (among other things) with me! I guess I knew I will start loving him soon….❤
My favorite color in the world is the color of his brown eyes 🙂
He was in Toronto and I in Delhi… So we started talking over Skype and I still remember how fun-filled our conversations were… He made me laugh everyday and still does😍 He is a man without pretenses and above all, someone who shares my value system and beliefs to a large extent… And, he loved me for who I was… I was struggling to lose weight at that time ( I always am 😓)  and he always made me feel beautiful not for how I looked but for who I was… How I just was… and, how I now am after giving birth to our son😇
The man who has given me my HAPPILY EVER AFTER 🙂
The purity of his soul captured my heart and his grounded demeanor, won me over so effortlessly… I always wanted to marry someone who was at least 50% the man my father is
(expecting a 100% would have been too tough for guys of this generation in my opinion😆)
 in character and values… And my husband is definitely that man for me… He is 100% that man and my friend and a wonderful father to our son…
He was making me laugh even during our photo sessions 🙂
For me, he not only reflects divinity, he makes me get in touch with my own✨
Putting a ring on it 🙂
Engaged for life!
The first look 🙂
The Wedding Venue: Hotel Jaypee Vasant Continental
Being given away by my brother Akshay
Wedding Fun and Games 🙂
JaiMala Ceremony
And he made me his forever 🙂
The Vidai… when I just couldn’t let go of the King of my life – my Daddy…
It is tough to pick out the best moments from ones wedding spanning five days and so many functions! However, these few images may help you all get a glimpse of and experience my wedding story …
I have found the one whom my soul loves 🙂
Hoping to strike a chord! 🙂

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