Clutching Awesomeness!

There is no amount of glamour that can be over the top, especially when it comes to Indian weddings 😍

Apart from the usual lehengas, gowns or heavy sarees and the traditional and heavy jewellery we adorn with our super gorgeous outfits, accessorizing with other elements like clutches, watches, ornamental belts and other such statement pieces is also becoming quite the rage lately.
So I had to attend the weddings of my sister and brother-in-law this year and I wanted to accessorize my attires with beautiful clutches that completely stood out and which would work for me not only with Indian, but western party outfits too!
And here are these gorgeous babies by Garema Official 😍❤😍
I purchased the Aphrodite Clutch in Red for myself and Rani pink for my sister.
Also, I bought the Mughal Garden Clutch in Black for myself.
Refer the images below:
Red Aphrodite Clutch
Rani Pink Aphrodite Clutch 
Mughal Garden Clutch
These super-beautiful statement clutches are the brainchild of my dear friend and fashionista Garima Sharma who is currently based in Toronto, Canada.
Garima has personally styled all these luxury clutches with lovely couture designs which reflect in the multiple collections she has come up with. The theme of all her collections is extremely feminine and it embraces beautiful women from various eras and cultures.
All the clutches are handmade and hand embroidered with 22K gold embellishments. The plus point is that they can be customized in the color and embellishment of your choice as well!
Also, there are limited pieces for each design making them oh so chic and unique !!! The best part? You can team these up with a western party gown or dress or attire just as easily as you can pair it with an ethnic Indian outfit 😎👍🏻
The clutches come in a beautiful and sturdy black box and are bubble wrapped to prevent any damage. They are accompanied by a sweet note by Garema which adds a personal touch.
I truly felt like a “Garema Goddess”, as she puts it, wearing these clutches  😘
I’m in love love love with these awesome clutches and I am already lusting over the new Chateau de Versailles collection which has been recently launched on her website!
Who doesn’t love clutching some awesomeness? ❤😍❤
For more information, check out the Website and start shopping:

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  1. Garema Ofcl says:

    Thank you for such lovely words!!!!! Truly Made our day


    1. shrutitewari says:

      I am glad you liked the post 🙂


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