Long Hair – Lots of care!

So this is the second beauty review in my blog after my first post:  https://strikeachordblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/13/in-lipsticks-we-trust/

Argan oils have become quite the rage when it comes to skin and hair care lately.

Originated in Morocco, it is believed Argan oils have properties which not only moisturize but also renew and repair damaged hair and skin.

My parents had visited Morocco and got original Argan oils from there for me and my sister and they did wonders for my skin. The oil was non scented, slightly greasy and denser in texture as compared to the oil I will be reviewing today. Also, nothing beats having to use the oils bought from Morocco itself!

The stock sadly didn’t last long enough for me to rave about it here and I had to buy what was easily available and affordable for me here in Canada.

Product :

Today I will be sharing my thoughts and experience on using the Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco. I have been using this product since the past couple of months around 6 months now.



Use it after every wash on towel dried hair. Take a coin sized amount for hair my length and massage it gently on from the middle shaft to the tips. Any excess can be then lightly spread on the scalp.

This oil is generally not used to give oil massages to the hair for deep hair conditioning. It is a post head wash hair oil, much like a serum and can be used before styling or even simply blow drying the hair. Since it is Argan oil, it definitely offers mild heat protection during blow drying and styling as well.


Texture is light and non greasy and doesn’t make the hair oily or sticky.

It leaves the hair moisturized, conditioned and refreshed.

Refer to the picture below to see how my hair looked like after I straight blow dried them post a head wash and application of the oil.




The oil is scented and has a light fragrance which lasts for 2-3 hours if hair are air dried.


The 100ml bottle is priced at about 12 CAD.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg



Available in drug stores.




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