Six Timeless Trends for the Indian Chic

Being an Indian woman has a lot of perks when it comes to being stylish and dressing up!

There’s something about timeless Indian trends that makes every Indian girl feel beautiful and glamorous…We as Indians have fashion staples that can be mixed and matched, replicated, restyled and, which are ultimately elegant and evergreen at the same time.

Here are top six style fads which Indian ladies have been rocking through the ages…


  1. Saris. 

The understated elegance and at the same time, sex appeal of a woman in a sari can never be fully explained. No words do justice to describe how lovely a woman who’s draped these six yards of sheer awesomeness on themselves looks.  Saris have been doing the job of making Indian women look beautiful since eras. Be it any occasion, formal, daily office wear, weddings, parties or just draping them regularly in the house, saris bring out the “desiness” in every woman who wears one.

This is one timeless fashion trend that compliments women of all sizes, shapes and ages. Absolutely classy…

IMG_7316From the modern divas to the classic ladies!


  1. Bindis.

Bindis are generally flaunted by women with Indian clothes. However, they look absolutely beautiful whenever they are worn and no amount of makeup or accessories can complete the Indian woman’s desi look without that bindi on the forehead. Bindis help in enhancing the eyebrows of women and compliment the makeup and accessories to the t! No wonder it’s a timeless Indian fashion trend.

IMG_7300.JPGSimple dot on the forehead makes the loudest statement!

  1. Gajras and Gulabs. 

Flower in the hair are the most basic and simplest hair accessories that up the hair game of Indian women with so much élan and so much beauty. A simple bun is made beautiful just by pinning up a rose or a strand of beautiful gajra with such simplicity, what’s more, the lovely smell adds to the perks of wearing flowers on the hair as well!

IMG_7281.JPGGajras and Gulabs, adding to the glam swag!


  1. Kajal.

Another timeless trend for big Indian eyes has been kajal. Kohl laden eyes have always been the strongest identifying point for most Indian women. Even the simplest of Indian ladies can’t do without lining her eyes with their magic black wand aka the kajal! And how beautifully it enhances the already beautiful eyes Indian women have!

IMG_7308.JPGReal women with magical kohl lined eyes…Dark Magic!

5. Jewelry. 

The wardrobe of no Indian woman is complete without ethnic or statement jewelry pieces that have been passed on from mother to daughter and daughter in law through generations. For Indian women, jewelry is a way of keeping memories, values and traditions alive. Whether it’s jadau or gold, bangles or haars, pearls or diamonds, whatever style or design, every Indian woman has the quintessential jhumki or haar to style her saree, suits, lehengas or even dresses with, and she doesn’t shy in wearing them liberally!

IMG_7286.JPGIndian women can never have enough of Jewelry- Shining on like a gem herself!

(Picture courtesy: Roposo, CoolBluezPhotography)



Mehendi is one of the most beautiful arts which is home to Indian women. Getting henna put on hands and feet is not only restricted to festivals and weddings but many Indian women love getting mehendi put whenever the whim strikes them! And why not, it makes hands and feet look oh so regal! It compliments all skin tones and looks beautiful even with the simplest of designs. Also, mehendi has many medicinal benefits which is yet another reason for us Indian women to get it decked up on our hands and feet whenever we fancy it so!

IMG_7285.JPGMehendi Magic! Royal and Regal…

(Picture courtesy: Maharani Weddings and Hitched and Clicked)






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